Cerimon House

where the community convenes to experience the evolving human story

Welcome friends, neighbors, and colleagues to Cerimon House, a nonprofit humanities and cultural arts organization, located in the heart of the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon. 

Our "4 C's": Community, Creativity, Curiosity, & Ceremony

The four focuses of our ongoing programming are Community (commonality), Creativity (cultural arts), Curiosity (education), and Ceremony (celebrations.) We have created a convening space for events that exalt the human story, and bring about conversations that inspire.

We enter our seventh year as an organization, and celebrate the first year in our newly renovated 93-year-old building: where we host gatherings, lectures, performances, workshops, retreats, ceremonies, conferences, art exhibits, as well as welcoming community rentals.

named after a character in an ancient tale (who also appears in the worKs of shakespeare) CERIMON of ephesus is known for being kinD & GOOD. And iT is in that spirit, that WE WELCOME YOU TO THIS HOUSE. 

Gut Instinct
Living and Eating in a Microbiome World

a consumer conference
hosted by cerimon house

October 14 - 16, 2016
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